About Bassetball

The Bassetball Prediction Engine™ uses the latest in hound-centric technology to sniff out a winner for virtually any basketball game. Although these picks are totally unreliable you’ll find no better — or more adorable — way to predict the winner of a basketball game.

Check out some of Bassetball’s core technologies:


The number of olfactory receptor cells — second only to the bloodhound — means this little guy can smell the desperation off the sweat of a coach’s brow. It’s also great for sniffing out tasty treats.

Floppy Ears

Like the wings of an eagle, you can ride the floppy excellence of a basset’s ears all the way to the championship.

Wag Rate

This super friendly hound is equipped with an exceptionally high wag rate that outperforms virtually all species — especially humans who think they might have tails.

Stubby Legs

They’re stubby. They’re cute. And they’ll run circles around all your game picks.